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Gift of Friendship collection |

Combining a love of painting & passion for writing poetry, this collection features 17 pieces each titled by the individual lines of the accompanying poem, “Gift of Friendship,” written by the artist


“Gift of Friendship" by Laura Veligor

My gratitude is abounding

in the small moments

shared between us.

You and I,


we laugh so freely in Summer,

then just as easily, we pause 

to witness the serene artistry 

of Winter.


No matter the time of year,

you remind me again and again:  

time is precious

and life is sweet.


This gift is ever flowing

like Spring rains drumming

and Autumn gales stirring.


With you, my joy is never depleted,

and never a drop is wasted.

1369 Coffeehouse

Seasons in Wreaths collection |

Work currently in progress

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